Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Nello Malafronte

Mr SudEventi himself:)

I had the pleasure to participate to his Football Tournament Last Easter in Sorrento ( Italy) with my team  Bessingby Park rangers Tigers U10's and  we manage to win it as well;)

I promised him a caricature and here we go...

His web site is : http://www.sudeventi.it

Pen Doodles

This is a good idea, doing quick sketches of whatever I see in my spare time...so I can post more and not taking much of my time in doing so..friends,colleagues, famous people, normal people, invented..

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Margaret Tatcher

Working class hero???

To you to judge...

Matteo Renzi

The  Current Italian PM...

He was called at school "Il Bomba" because he was full of bullshit, and still is...
so I decided to put him on my blog ...

one when he was young..the other more cartoon;)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Marcello Palomba (Sorrento)

Well, got some spare time today;)

Every year I go back to my lovely home town Sorrento and go for a meal with my pals...great bunch of guys and fun beyond belief..we go to the same Restaurant "Il Capanno" , usually late evening(so it is usually empty) where we can argue,shout,take the mick off each etc etc

One evening got a pen a paper and did some sketches... I found them a year later  ,so I transferred  this one  in Photoshop..
Below one of our favourite waiter!
Ciao Marcello!

Waitress Cartoon

Long time since my last post, been very very busy with a massive Disney project...

Lots of back/joints pains, getting old, plus unbelievable busy with my Kids football team( we won an International  Tournaments in Italy back in March 2016 in my home town can you believe it?)
I should find one day some time to do a cartoon picture of the boys ....

Anyway, I might decide to begin posting drawings  more often and try to make a living only doing what I want... will see...
Meanwhile a fun waitress for your to look at...